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My plan is to share two things a day, Monday to Friday, which seem interesting, provocative, or resonant. Given my reading, I expect that these will most be about economics, work, sustainability, technology, and bit of politics, with dashes from my futures thinking and some bits of culture thrown in from time to time. 

About me? I have been a futurist since the turn of the century, and am currently Director of Futures at SOIF, the School of International Futures. I started Just Two Things to have a conversation, with himself and others, and others, about futures trends and practice.

I’m going to try to keep it reasonably topical, but not slavishly so. I’m still learning what works, and I’m new to Substack publishing, so feedback is welcome. I’m not planning to charge any time soon.

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I monitor what’s happening out there—economics, technology, culture, climate—and write two notes on what catches my eye. The brief: interesting, provocative, resonant. With some analysis and context. Frequency: usually three times a week.